Under the management of Herb LeGrange, our core team of industry veterans brings an extraordinary volume of experience to any project we work on. We’ve developed long-term relationships with seasoned professionals in every type of business — when a job calls for it, we bring in independent contractors as needed. It’s low overhead, and lean, efficient practices like these that allow us to provide top-tier services at competitive prices.

Whether we’re seeking a director of marketing, or overseeing a multi-million dollar hotel redevelopment, LeGrange gets the job done on time, on budget, with results that always exceed expectations.

Our primary services:

Recruitment and Placement

LeGrange is the expert in finding experts. We know people at the top of their field, across the province and across the country, and pride ourselves on connecting them with the right organizations. We work with executives, managers, HR staff, and other industry professionals to find the people you need, fast — when LeGrange makes a call, you can trust that the right person is on the line.

Food and Beverage Management Consultation

LeGrange understands the ins and outs of Food and Beverage Management. From the initial concept for a restaurant, to sourcing suppliers and hiring the staff, LeGrange works with you every step of the way to deliver an outstanding guest experience that is perfectly balanced with an efficient and cost-effective operation. Services include:

  • Concept Development: It starts with the right idea
  • Menu Planning and Development: Finding the right fit for your audience
  • Food Costing: Best quality for the best price
  • Sourcing Suppliers: Dependable people and superior products
  • Staff Recruitment / Development: Building a strong team
  • Working with Designers: Ensuring efficiency, as well as aesthetics

Hotel and Resort Management Consultation

LeGrange has built comprehensive business plans for hotels and resorts from concept to grand opening. We know the laws and regulations governing the hospitality industry in Manitoba inside and out. We make the smart choices which solve problems ahead of time, and save dollars in the long run. Relying on our network of long-term contacts, including architects, interior designers, and other best-in-the-business professionals, we give you the experience without the overhead.

No other organization can offer our level of expertise at every stage of development. Services include:

  • Design / Concept Development: Setting the wheels in motion
  • Planning: The complete project from start to finish
  • People: Putting together a formidable team
  • Sourcing: The right products and services at the best price
  • Licensing: Working with MLCC and MLC officials
  • Supervise Functionality: Analysing blueprints to ensure the best guest experience